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The client needed a better website to showcase their project work. While the existing website made a good project portfolio archive, it lacked sufficient context for a prospective client to evaluate working with Bridgewater. The client wanted to stay far away from the 'WordPressy', 'Squarespacey' look of competitors' sites (which were almost uniformly DIY WordPress sites). We were delighted to hear this, and took it as an opportunity to create something really outside of the expected. We built a custom site with unique scroll animations to immerse a visitor in Bridgewater's world.

The first thing we created was a novel 'dual-scroll' page to showcase Bridgewater's client and project categories in a highly thematic and eye-catching way. As a visitor scrolled vertically through the categories, a representative project would scroll horizontally to line up with each category. See it here (opens in a new tab).

For individual case studies, we wanted to walk a visitor through the process of bringing one of Bridgewater's installations to life. This was critical as it showed Bridgewater's thought process as a true partner to clients. Each 'chapter' of the development process was given ample space for images and annotations. We included different scroll animations to keep the interactions interesting, revealing each section in a theatrical way and reflecting the epic grandeur of a finished piece. See the Shed Aquarium frogs (opens in a new tab).

Despite the complexity of the case studies, we created these as pages within a content management system, so that the client could add additional ones easily.
The site also featured a 'Team' page to showcase each employee, as well as an 'Our Process' page to communicate high-level activities (opens in a new tab). nailed it!
Great job, Morgan!

- Bridgewater Studio

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