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2046 Print Shop


The client had a phenomenal idea: make science cool. Really cool. He had developed a small ecommerce business selling tee shirts and poster prints that showcased principles, laws and events related to scientific discovery and space exploration. As a designer, he had the skills to remix a contemporary design aesthetic with retro-modern science textbook cover art. But it wasn't totally clear what the brand was about or who it was for, at a glance. Thanks to our own  science-background geekiness, we saw the potential for it to be really big.

The first opportunity we saw was to clarify the brand for a new visitor: 'what is this?' We created the tagline: 'Prints and Apparel Inspired by Science & Imagination' (later evolved into 'Inspired by Space and Science'), and showcased this in the landing top-fold. Next, we moved the best selling items to the landing page from where they were, buried deep in the site (don't 'bury the lede'!). With a new communication strategy in place, we created new sections for each audience persona, and a 'social proof' section featuring testimonials and a 'featured in' logo wall. We then A/B tested this new page vs the old to show a 4x directional increase in sales with the new layout.

We've enjoyed a multi-year relationship with the client, and have provided a range of advisory, digital marketing and development services: Google Ads campaigns, custom plug-in development for splitting orders to different fulfillment vendors,  social media ads integrations, 3PL distribution analysis, email automation, mobile site optimization, sales analysis, product bundles and refer-a-friend customer incentive programs.

The brand has seen phenomenal growth, and we were grateful to play a small part in that. Since the beginning of our collaboration, the shop has enjoyed over 1000% compound annual sales growth. The brand has since partnered with NASA, SpaceX, the American Rocketry Challenge and others.

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