Project pricing typically starts here. Every project is unique, so let's talk. For new clients, a roadmapping session is a great way to get to know each other, clarify your project goals and reduce risk on both sides.

Website Creation

Static Site


Design and development of a site without an admin control panel. Typically includes a contact form for collecting inquiries. Content updates can be done for you while on a payment or Care Plan subscription.



Standard Content Management System (CMS) with admin back-end control panel to create and update content.



Front and back-end integrations required to sell products and accept payments on your website. This includes configuring the system for products, pricing, variations, attributes and shipping.

Roadmapping Session


A roadmapping session is a low-risk, stand-alone workshop that can be completed before committing to a large development project.

During the session. we will:

Create a strategic design framework for what to do and what to say that makes execution magnitudes easier.
Isolate communication strategy from design and development and address them in a systematic order.
Clarify the values and the voice of your brand.
Outline the story of you customers' aspirational, transformative journey, tailored for the web.
Determine the best technology stack to execute the plan.

Duration is 4 hours or less excluding a 30 minute halftime or any breaks you may need.
Session can be optionally completed remote via Zoom.

Website Support

Static Site


Content updates, maintenance and troubleshooting.



Hosting, maintenance and troubleshooting.


< $250,000 trailing ARR


< $500,000 trailing ARR


< $1,000,000 trailing ARR


Support plans for ecommerce are based on value-at-risk. Sites producing higher revenue require more attention and effort as indicated in pricing.

Local SEO Snapshot


It can be difficult to get search term volumes site rankings for keywords inside of a local market, i.e. a city or metro region. The Local SEO Snapshot is a report that captures such data and provides recommendations for businesses that would like to improve local search visibility.

The report identifies:

Relevant search term volume specific to a local market.
Opportunities for referral link building from high-ranking authority websites covering the local market.
Issues with client's Name Address Phone (NAP) local directory listings which affect Google "Map pack" local search results.
Website issues like broken links, missing meta descriptions, and other things affecting SEO performance.

Services include reporting and recommendations via the report and some implementation if the client needs demonstration.