2021 Digital Initiative Roadmapping Session

A virtual strategy workshop that maps the way for your digital initiative.

Have you ever been determined to create a great website landing page or campaign for a new initiative, but ended up disappointed with the results? The DIY content creator commercials conveniently skip some of the most challenging and critical steps in the process, to make it look easy.

If like many business owners or content managers you have struggled to get the right words, images and design, you may be suffering from the “curse of knowledge”. Paradoxically, being the expert on your business can actually make it harder to create the right type of content.

Using a systematic framework for communicating your value can transform what seems like a messy, disordered guessing game into a codifiable process to produce effective designs that can be tested and improved over time.

A Roadmapping Session is:

  • A short workshop with stand-alone, immediate value. This is normally the first chapter of any new digital initiative.
  • A 1-on-1 strategy and positioning exercise that should be done BEFORE trying to design a website or writing a word of copy for a new campaign or collateral.
  • An assessment and development plan for any new positioning on your brand. Then, it can be used across any digital channels, such as a business landing page, email campaign, blog, or search ads.


Is it a live workshop for building a website?

No; it is the strategic design work that makes execution magnitudes easier because it provides a framework for what to do and what to say.

Who’s it for?

Business owners who want a clarifying framework to create a new campaign or positioning before executing it or retaining an agency.

Why partner with an advisor for this?

Because sometimes "it’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle”, and a guided framework is the best way to approach a new initiative.

How will I use the results?

A Roadmap can be used to guide the creation of your:

  • Landing page or funnel
  • eMail campaign
  • Search ads
  • Brand kit design guide
  • Editorial style guide
    • What does session collateral include?

      • Video capture of the session so you can do less note-taking
      • Summary documents of frameworks as applied during the session
      • Technology stack options and recommendation
        • What if I have other questions?

          No problem. Let’s talk, briefly.

In This Session We Will:

  • Use frameworks to clarify goals, outline realistic outcomes, and create a plan to get there.
  • Isolate communication strategy from design and development and address them in a systematic order.
  • Clarify the values and the voice of your brand starting with your “Why”.
  • Outline the story of you customers' aspirational, transformative journey, tailored for the web.
  • Tell the story starting high-level and concise, then "peel back the onion" to the details.
  • Determine the best toolset to execute the plan.
  • For a preview of the frameworks we will use, see the free Roadmapping Session Cheat Sheet.

Session Details:

  • Grab a cup of coffee (caffeine!) or tea (theombrine!). This will be fun, but we will be working hard.
  • Session will be completely remote via Zoom or other conferencing app.
  • Duration is 4 hours or less excluding a 30 minute halftime or any breaks you may need.